5 Lessons Companies Can Learn From Facebook’s Data Privacy Scandal

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When news broke that Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested the data of millions of Facebook users who interacted with the former company’s third-party app, the backlash was fierce. The aftermath reveals lessons all companies can learn, regardless of the extent to which they use social media. 1. Delayed Acknowledgements of Wrongdoing Make Things Worse One of […]

Driving Web Sales with Big Data and Personalization

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Website personalization and using big data to drive online sales specifically is on the mind of every marketing professional. We have moved from the era of not knowing how to use big data to having way too much data, and having to narrow it down to what we really need out of everything available. What […]

5 Easy Breezy Ways to Master Python!

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Python is touted as one of the fastest-growing major programming languages in the world at the moment. It is quickly becoming the most visited tag on Stack Overflow as well. One of the major reasons of its exponential growth is that Python is an incredibly versatile language. It can be used to develop websites, machine […]

What You Need to Know

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Artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1950s, and has been a part of collective imaginings of a better future for decades. However, only recently has this revolutionary technology begun to make significant and tangible contributions to the medical industry. While we might still be several decades away from robots attending you in a […]

Tapping AI to Counter Rising Ransomware Threat in Big Data Era

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As cyber-attack outbreaks go, WannaCry didn’t really last that long from the time the first infection was discovered on the morning of May 12 until the kill switch was released by Microsoft three days later. In that short span, however, the damage reached $5 billion while hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide were compromised. Using […]