5 Huge Benefits Of Big Data For Employee Scheduling For 2020

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Big data is changing the way we live in tremendous ways. One impact of big data is the way that it influences employee scheduling. Employee scheduling technology has been around for a long time. However, big data has led to a number of new features that are making it more reliable than ever. Employee Scheduling […]

How to Ensure Trust in a Digital World

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We have a trust issue. In our digital world, it has become increasingly difficult to trust each other. Whether it is another person, an organisation or a device, trust is no longer a given online. This is a serious problem for our society and our democracy. If trust is lacking in society, anarchy can be […]

Understanding analytics – SmartData Collective

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  It goes without saying that analytics is a data-driven method that has existed with a history of being misunderstood since the beginning of its introduction to the world. Concepts of the same data-centred nature as analytics are concepts that are often misrepresented or otherwise misunderstood because they are relatively fresh innovations in comparison to […]

Will Machine Learning Save The Struggling Airline Industry?

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In June, Aviation Today published a great article on the state of machine learning and AI in the airline industry. The article showed that machine learning and AI are helping the industry become more lucrative in the 21st Century. The airline industry has started relying more on machine learning technology as new challenges threaten to […]

Processing Geospatial Data at Scale With Databricks

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The evolution and convergence of technology has fueled a vibrant marketplace for timely and accurate geospatial data. Every day billions of handheld and IoT devices along with thousands of airborne and satellite remote sensing platforms generate hundreds of exabytes of location-aware data. This boom of geospatial big data combined with advancements in machine learning is […]

Streamlining Variant Normalization on Large Genomic Datasets

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Cross posted from the Glow blog. Many research and drug development projects in the genomics world involve large genomic variant data sets, the volume of which has been growing exponentially over the past decade. However, the tools to extract, transform, load (ETL) and analyze these data sets have not kept pace with this growth. Single-node […]

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Maximize the Benefits of Automation

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Owning a small business is challenging; between the government regulations, your competitors, and dealing with externals like the economy, it’s a wonder anyone manages to survive the experience. One way to help your business is to take advantage of the technology available today and automate as much of your company’s processes as you can. Here […]

What To Know About The Essence Of AI In Video Editing In 2020

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Artificial intelligence is playing a very important role in the future of video editing. Anybody that works in the profession should learn how to use AI technology to get the most value out of their videos. How can you use AI to benefit as a video editor? Intelligent HQ founder Dinis Guarda has talked about […]

Predictive Analytics Advances Rewrite Rules On Corporate Conferences

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In years past, it was quite the cumbersome task to put together corporate conferences for the dissemination of important information and trends among industry stakeholders. It was only within the last few years that advancements in technology have provided efficient ways to bring large groups of stakeholders together for them to share information. One of […]