Adding Value to Your Business Through the Organization of Incoming Big Data

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by BDW Editor on October 23, 2018 Guest post by Finnegan Pierson Big data is necessary for any organization to get insights on various business strategies. Organizing of big data for taking into account non-traditional technologies and strategies needed to organize it, and gather incoming insights from more massive databases. The power of information dominating […]

This Scary Good Marketing Data Proves That Halloween Is A Winner

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Halloween is an excellent holiday that happens to be nestled right before, well, the official holiday season. It’s also tons of fun for everyone, a time when you can cater to whacky and spooky costumes, lots of candy and some truly wild decorations. But what makes Halloween really great is that marketers and businesses can […]

The Simplified Science behind Data Extraction

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In today’s world, the business community needs to embrace technology even more than before. With the digital age upon us, each step creates more opportunity but also more confusion. One key concept you need to understand is the data extraction possibility. It could help your business in a big way or your competition, depending on […]

Training your Neural Network: On-Demand Webinar and FAQ Now Available!

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Try this notebook in Databricks On October 9th, we hosted a live webinar—Training your Neural Network—on Data Science Central with Denny Lee, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Databricks. This is the second webinar of a free deep learning fundamental series from Databricks. In this webinar, we covered the principles for training your neural network including […]

Using Machine Learning & AI to Transition Traditional Insurance to Insurtech

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The insurance industry barely featured in the first cycle of Fintech-led disruption that swept the banking and capital market segments. But just as the broader Fintech market shows signs of maturity, Insurtech is emerging as the next potential candidate for large-scale disruption. In fact, some observers believe that the insurance industry may be positioned to […]

The Influence of Net Neutrality on Businesses and the Entire Internet Ecosystem

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Net neutrality is one of the most controversial and complex issues on web surfers’ agenda nowadays. What will happen if it’s repealed? This article highlights the fundamentals of this principle and answers the question “Why should I care?” What makes net neutrality so important? The issue of net neutrality is everybody’s concern. The odd thing is […]

7 Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting Every Industry On Earth

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In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, the alias of the person who created Bitcoin, announced the launch of the world’s first digital currency. Nakamoto believed that the invention would have a strong impact on the future of the financial industry. However, the biggest impact isn’t being caused by bitcoin. The change is driven by blockchain, the secure […]

Optimizing Water Utilities Before Water Crisis Sets In

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Big data is being utilized as an analytical, safer way to make sense out of the water industry. Hotter weather and droughts are causing many regions in the world to rethink the way that water is collected and used. India’s Ganges recently ran out of water, and the impact will be substantial, especially on food […]