Experts Reveal Data Science Behind Five Popular Android Apps

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Big data is playing a massive role in the formation of new technologies. New developments in data science have contributed to the release of a number of popular Android apps on the market. To the average Android user, big data is an invisible factor. However, it is the foundation of almost every app on their […]

Here’s How Big Data And Business Card Marketing Go Together

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Many people believe that digital media is rapidly replacing traditional forms of branding. They believe that advances in big data have made business cards, brochures and direct mail marketing obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth. We previously published an article on the state of direct mail marketing. We showed that marketers are actually […]

5 Blockchain Trends for You to Consider this Year

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The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. New blockchains or different consensus mechanisms are announced continuously, resulting in a more mature ecosystem. For blockchain technology to achieve wide-scale adoption, a decentralised ecosystem has to be developed. To achieve a decentralised society, many more components need to be built, requiring global standards and large investments. I estimate […]

Innovative Brands Use Big Data to Improve Sticker Branding

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We have noticed a trend in big data journalism. Topics that receive the most attention aren’t necessarily those that deserve it the most. This is especially applicable when it comes to articles covering the intersection between big data and marketing. There is a strong case to be made that big data is having a tremendous […]

Data Analytics Optimizes Shipping through KPI Tracking

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Big data is affecting every element of logistics in the economy. One facet of modern business that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is shipping, even though big data is having a profound impact on its future. Last June, a paper prepared by Paterson Simmons showed that big data is a driving force […]

A Guide to MLflow Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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In less than a year, MLflow has reached almost 500K monthly downloads, and gathered over 80 code contributors and 40 contributing organizations, confirming the need for an open source approach to help standardize the machine learning lifecycle across tools, teams, and processes. We are thrilled to host some of our key contributors and customers next […]

Here’s How VPNs Can Protect Against Big Data Leaks

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Virtual private networks (VPNs), can help you unblock content and VPNS can protect you from hackers and shady third-parties. VPNs offer privacy online and can stop governments, schools, and employers from tracking the sites you visit. But, how do VPNs protect against data leaks? And, importantly, how do you know your VPN is leak-free? How […]

Are Humans Still Your Best Asset?

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In January, Masergy predicted that 2019 will be “The Year of Artificial Intelligence.” There’s no question that the term is popping up everywhere as enterprises yearn to turn big data into a competitive edge. The same goes for cybersecurity. Everyone wants to leverage machine learning, behavior analytics, and AI so IT teams can “up the […]

Can AI Remove The Risk From EHRs?

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When the Obama administration authorized the law that would fund the expansion of electronic health records (EHRs), the idea was that this would transform American healthcare. Records would become readily portable and individuals and their doctors would have easy access to this information when it’s needed most. Instead, a decade later, the US government has […]