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Amazon Artificial Intelligence – A Step Ahead of the Rest

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, its artificial intelligence.” – Dave Waters

Amazon has never ceased to amaze!!! Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been instrumental in revolutionizing digitization and cloud computing in the tech world for the last few years. And now, keeping abreast with the technology wave, AWS enters the exciting world of AI with novel offerings that leverage the potential of artificial intelligence across the globe. AWS AI is the face of the future, as foreseen by Amazon. Artificial intelligence on AWS is the latest jargon today in the world of digital transformation and a cutting-edge innovation by AWS. Amazon went all-in on AI and big data at AWS re:Invent 2016. That was when AWS AI was announced with innovative features like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In recent years, machine learning has turned out to be highly effective and along with in-depth learning, has proven to be a great booster to advanced technologies like speech, computer vision, and natural language processing. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. are all depending on AI and machine learning to grow their business and multiply profits multi-fold. Amazon AI has unleashed the potential of machine learning to the finest.

An Introduction to Amazon …

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