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7 Ways Cloud Technology & Big Data Are Changing Supply Chain Management

The discipline of supply chain management has changed radically over the past few years. It’s a role that’s only a few decades old, but it’s already transformed business processes around the globe. From procuring raw materials needed in manufacturing and production to ensuring smooth and timely delivery to the customer, today’s supply chain manager has a multifaceted role — and it’s about to become even more diverse.

With the rise of cloud technology and big data, the fundamental processes driving supply chain management are also in the midst of a massive transformation. Some of these have been slowly manifesting through years of development and refinement, while others are just seeing the light of day. In either case, the most innovative processes in the supply chain revolve around next-gen technology.

1. Automation

Like many other industries and professions, the niche of supply chain management embraces automation with open arms. Not too long ago, automated systems were exclusive to the largest and wealthiest corporations. Smaller businesses — especially startups — had to rely on manual data collection techniques or nothing at all.

In the 21st century, every business — from the smallest to the largest and the oldest to the newest — is on an even …

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