5 Simple Ways to Ensure the Data Security of Your Online Business

Data security is a top concern for consumers, understandably. A recent study from IBM found that 75% of customers will not purchase from an online company if there are any doubts regarding their data’s security. 85% of online shoppers agreed that companies need to do more to protect customer data, but only 20% felt that their information was truly safe.

Being a data-driven business is important in today’s market, but it can only be fueled by quality data sources about your audiences and the market. If customers are going to hand over their sensitive information or feel safe enough to interact with your site and provide personal data, they need to know that their data is in good hands. Here are five of the simplest ways to keep your online business secure and build this essential trust with your customers.

1. Focus on Security at Checkout

The checkout stage will cause the majority of your customers to question whether or not they want to share their data. If they have any worries about the security of your site, it could lead to abandonment. In fact, 15% of online shoppers will leave without a purchase due to concerns about payment security.

Be sure that the online store platform you use …

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