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5 Data-Backed Benefits Of Using YouTube To Grow Your Business

YouTube has become an iconic app over the last decade. It has helped artists, comedians, and business people grow their careers. Because of the reduced reading culture in modern society, video marketing is essential nowadays. A related website deals with the fact Social10x enlighten how videos became a crucial source of information.

Denying the effectiveness of video marketing in business ventures is impossible. Thriving businesses are nowadays using video marketing strategies to increase sales. Here are five amazing benefits of using YouTube to grow your business.

1. Youtube Captures Important Attention

Most people use YouTube every day. Alexa’s research showed that YouTube is the second most visited site worldwide. You can be able to convert some from the large pool of people to become your audience. Coming up with captivating videos is very important to entice some viewers. YouTube channel should have captivating videos showing illustrations of your products.

Creativity will help you market your business on the platform and get many customers. Successful business people that are in the same market as you also get access to your YouTube videos. You may find sponsorship, exposures, and some healthy competition from others in your niche. Interested business people may also collaborate with you if they deem your channel to be of interest. They will give your business exposure or give you financial aid to grow your business. Consequently, they can lead to the creation of sub-branches of your business.

2. YouTube Generates High Traffic Volumes

YouTube has over a billion users worldwide according to research. These users provide tremendous traffic opportunities for your business. Your videos might be among those videos viewed each day. Your YouTube video marketing content has a higher potential of reaching more people than say a newspaper advert (which is even costlier). Creative clips will hook your usual customers and inspire new viewers to subscribe to your channel.

The new viewers, in turn, find encouragement to buy your products hence growing your business. Many people will also give reviews and write opinions on how you can improve your business. You can use some of the great ideas to enhance your business. After up taking some excellent suggestions, you can create products that are easy to sell, since they fit the client’s desires. You can drive a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel, and this will influence your business growth.

3. Boost Search Engine Rankings

In 2006, Google acquired $1.65 billion in stock to stay dominant in the world of search. YouTube videos rank high on Google’s search pages. In addition, the YouTube algorithm can transcribe your videos. Google can then crawl your video, to find content relevant to searches. Google appreciates the significance of video in modern society. You can yield great SEO results when you use your videos on YouTube, which is a subsidiary of Google platform. Over time, you can establish further credibility in your business industry. It will also be accessible to many people, who will come in droves to buy your products.

4. YouTube Is Better Than Other Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are essential to many businesses. People can share your YouTube videos to other social media platforms. Animoto conducted a survey in 2015 showing that 84% of consumers preferred video ads. Moreover, people are even more likely to share videos from their feed, than say a photo or text.

This sharing will prove to be helpful since the friends to these customers will see these videos in their feeds. Their friends are vital since they too are much more likely to fit a profile that resonates well with what you are selling. Consequently, more people that will increase your online presence thanks to shared videos.

5. Reach Global Audiences

YouTube is an international site that reaches countries around the globe. Furthermore, it is accessible anywhere on devices that have internet. Many people have mobile phones that are boosting the popularity of YouTube even more. App Annie did research that showed that YouTube is a top-ranked android application.

The YouTube platform is available in 88 countries and 76 languages. You can even choose specific demographics of people who are likely to be sold on your product. Therefore, you will not waste advertising revenue on people who are unlikely to purchase your products. You can go as far as selling a product to a particular age group, in a specific country.


YouTube is an excellent way to help your business grow and succeed. The best time to start using YouTube for your business is yesterday, so make it happen to help your company thrive!

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