What Tools Should a Good Analyst have in Their Toolbox? (part 2 = people skills)

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Continuing Martin Squires series on the tools that should be in a good analyst toolbox. In part 2, Martin moves on to focus on the people skills that are needed. I use the term people skills for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there has been some online outrage at the overuse of the term Softer Skills. Secondly, because the skills that Martin lists are very […]

A Distributed Future: Where Blockchain Technology Meets Organisation Design and Decision-making

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Blockchain technology records and forever maintains data that cannot be changed. It also involves ‘smart contracts’ and consensus mechanisms that govern processes of automation, as well as the development, evaluation and execution of decisions. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform organisation design due to its decentralised and distributed characteristics. To understand how blockchain will […]

How to Increase Your Privacy Online

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Today’s technology grants us the power to access information at lightning speeds, communicate with anyone in the world, and store and manage our most important files conveniently. The downside to these massive quality of life improvements is that they leave us vulnerable. If we aren’t careful, powerful corporations and nefarious individuals can get access to […]

6 Data-Driven Marketing Strategies That Are Revolutionizing Sales

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The sales profession is responding to major changes brought by big data. The big data revolution is making the sales industry more efficient and effective than ever. In 2019, Forbes contributor Louis Columbus wrote a great article on the ways that big data is changing the sales and marketing profession. His article talked about utilizing […]

Want To Contribute To An Upcoming Book?

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I’ve just started working with O’Reilly on a new book, and we are looking for people to contribute their thoughts for inclusion in the book. The book is going to be called 97 Things About Ethics Everyone In Data Science Should Know. This book will be part of a larger series O’Reilly does called 97 Things, each of which […]