Why Machine Learning And Progressive Web Apps Are A Great Match

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Machine learning is playing an increasingly important role in web development. Responsive web design practices first started becoming popular around seven years ago. However, advances in machine learning have made them much more robust. One of the most important ways that machine learning is changing the Internet user experience is with the development of progressive […]

How Big Data Offers Better Electronic Signature Solutions

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Big data is changing the future of professional communications. We have previously discussed the way that organizations use big data to stream communications through Skype and VoIP services. However, big data is also playing an important role in validating documents as well. Big Data Addresses Security Issues and Other Concerns with Electronic Signatures Big data […]

Data Optimization Facilitates Pinterest And Instagram Marketing

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The marketing profession has been influenced by big data more than almost any other field. Marketers used to make decisions primarily off of conjecture because they didn’t have the detailed analytics capabilities that are available in 2019. In the age of big data, marketers are able to take advantage of much more sophisticated analytics capabilities. […]

6 Ways Blockchain Revolutionizes Digital Marketing

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Blockchain technology is often associated with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that are not only disrupting the financial sector but transforming the way various industries do business. Blockchain is a decentralized technology, which is considered to be the next huge wave in technology. It has everything documented and verified, allowing decentralized communication between different parties. The global […]

Big Data Sets The Tone For Web Development And UI Trends In 2019

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Big data and e-commerce have been carefully interwoven for years. Businesses with an online presence have looked to big data to provide better customer service. Some examples of this include: Monitoring user engagement to see how customers behave online Developing more effective graphic designs with the assistance of artificial intelligence Ensuring the website operates as […]

Big Data In The Gaming Industry Makes A Massive Impression

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Big data is redefining the future of the gaming industry. Gaming providers are using big data for a variety of purposes. These applications include the following: Getting a better understanding of customers, so they can offer better products and experiences Protecting against security threats, which are becoming increasingly common Adapting new payment processing solutions, such […]