Improving Data Management and Analytics in the Federal Government

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From Static Data Warehouse to Scalable Insights and AI On-Demand Government agencies today are dealing with a wider variety of data at a much larger scale. From satellite imagery to sensor data to citizen records, petabytes of semi- and unstructured data is collected each day. Unfortunately, traditional data warehouses are failing to provide government agencies […]

The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Soon!

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On March 18, 2019, I was notified by the University of Technology Sydney that I had officially completed my PhD (yay!). As a result, I now hold a PhD in management. During my PhD, I researched how emerging information technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, challenge organisation design and strategic management, […]

Predictive Analytics Solutions Bolster Crypto Trading Security in 2019

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  The market for cryptocurrencies has opened the door for a number of new opportunities and challenges. One of the biggest difficulties that crypto traders, brokers and entrepreneurs face is a rising number of security risks. In 2019, crypto scams where the most common type of online security breaches. CIO reports that CryptoLocker was one […]

7 Ways Big Data Is Essential For Life Insurance Settlements

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The life insurance industry will soon undergo a dramatic transformation in response to advances in big data. A growing number of digital startups are starting to emphasize the impact of big data in this antiquated business. A number of insurance executives have been reluctant to embrace the changes of big data. One study found that […]

Optimizing the IoT Infrastructure for Enhanced Big Data Performance

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The Internet of Things is one of the most groundbreaking trends affecting consumers and businesses all over the world. According to a report by Gartner, the economic impact of all products connected to the IoT will exceed $300 billion by next year. A number of factors are contributing to the proliferation of the IoT. One […]

How Financial Institutions Are Becoming Champions Of Big Data

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If someone asked you which industry is the most innovative, you probably wouldn’t say the financial industry. In fact, that would probably be the last industry on your list. Nonetheless, the financial industry is using big data more than ever. The success of both Fintech companies and traditional banks will hinge on their ability to […]

What Are the Business Benefits of Data Mining?

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In today’s landscape, there’s nothing more important than valuable information. Companies receive information in the form of digital data or content, more commonly in the shape of performance and user metrics. By using this information, businesses can improve existing strategies, come up with new more successful solutions and better serve their audience. The entire operation […]

MLflow v0.9.0 Features SQL Backend, Projects in Docker, and Customization in Python Models

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MLflow v0.9.0 was released this week. It introduces a set of new features and community contributions, including SQL store for tracking server, support for MLflow projects in Docker containers, and simple customization in Python models. Additionally, this release adds a plugin scheme to customize MLflow backend store for tracking and artifacts. Now available on PyPI […]