3 Big Data And Automation Resolutions For Entrepreneurs In 2019

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Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always looking to get more done with less time. With so many tasks to complete, many business owners quickly feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Fortunately, two emerging trends, big data and automation, can reduce the amount of time required to do important work tasks. While many […]

Top 20 Python libraries for Data Science

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Python language is already assisting developers in creating standalone, PC, games, mobile and other enterprise applications. Python with more than 137,000 libraries helps in various ways. In this data-centric world, where consumers demand relevant information in their buying journey, companies also require data scientists to avail valuable insights by processing massive data sets. This information […]

Here’s How Big Data Is Revolutionizing GPS Technology

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The first GPS technology system predates big data by around 40 years. GPS technology has evolved dramatically since big data became widely used. Big Data Week said that this was the biggest trend in technology 2018. What is the Role of Big Data in the Future of GPS? GPS and satellite navigations have revolutionized road […]

Big Data Has Created A Surge In Demand For VPN Solutions

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Companies all over the world now know more about us than we know about ourselves – all thanks to the rise of big data. VPNs are the most effective way for consumers to take back control of their digital footprint; allowing them to make use of encryption to protect personal data. In 2018, the Cambridge […]

New videos from Databricks Academy: Introduction to Machine Learning Series and the Apache Spark™ Cost-Based Optimizer

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Databricks’ commitment to education is at the center of the work we do. Through Instructor-Led Training, Certification, and Self-Paced Training, Databricks Academy provides strong pathways for users to learn Apache Spark and Databricks, and to push their knowledge to the next level. In that spirit, we are pleased to present some great new free content. […]