MySQL Tutorial – Understanding The Seconds Behind Master Value

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In a MySQL hosting replication setup, the parameter Seconds_Behind_Master (SBM), as displayed by the SHOW SLAVE STATUS command, is commonly used as an indication of the current replication lag of the slave. In this blog post, we examine how to understand and interpret the MySQL Seconds Behind Master value in various situations. Possible Values of  Seconds Behind Master […]

Databricks Runtime 5.2 ML Features Multi-GPU Workflow, Pregel API, and Performant GraphFrames

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We are excited to announce the release of Databricks Runtime 5.2 for Machine Learning. This release includes several new features and performance improvements to help developers easily use machine learning on the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Continuing our efforts to make developers’ lives easy to build deep learning applications, this release includes the following features […]

The Connection Between Science And Business In Big Data

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Making sense of all the noise is difficult in the era of data. Businesses have invested billions to hire data scientists, and data has already changed various fields involving retail and healthcare. On the other hand, Kaggle’s survey found out that many data scientists feel the lack of explaining data science to others as one […]

Can Deep Learning Improve Construction Snag Lists?

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Big data is changing the future of the construction industry in the United States. Many industry experts and data scientists have talked about some of the ways that big data has changed the industry. Rachel Berger has said that big data has played a role in everything from improving CAD designs to streamlining invoicing. However, […]