The Democratisation of AI: 5 Changes We Should Expect in the Job Market

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Over the last decade, the way people treat the idea of artificial intelligence saw some significant changes. From a buzzword mostly referring to some distant future, it changed into a very real prospect that sees active implementation. Self-driving cars, machine learning, machine translation, neural networks – all these things are just the first tentative steps […]

Are Advances In Analytics The Key To Increasing Hospital Profit Margins?

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Earlier this year, Jennifer Bresnick wrote an article for Health IT Analytics on the priorities that hospitals have regarding data analytics. She stated that data vendors have been advertising the benefits of big data analytics to hospitals of all sizes. However, hospitals have been conservative about investing in them. Data vendors have pointed out that […]

Savvy Brands in Developing Economies Merge Analytics and Influencer Marketing

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  Multinational companies have been investing more heavily in marketing analytics over the past few years. According to McKinsey, they have discovered that big data gives them a tremendous edge in developing more effective business strategies. However, most of the news stories about companies investing in big data surround around companies in the United States. […]

How Big Data Will Change the HR Department

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Over recent years, big data has been circulating in the world of technology. The volumes of data that organizations can mine have increased significantly due to the increased use of software tools. With these tools, organizations can analyze data and enhance their performance. Similarly, futurists expect it to drive significant changes in the human resource […]

Heres’s Why Network Discovery Tools Are So Important In 2019

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It has been 12 years since Princeton researchers Mark Newman and Albert-László Barabási wrote about the changes of modern computing networks. Their book “The Structure and Dynamics of Networks” focused on the significant changes that corporate intranets faced. Things have changed even more in recent years, as modern networks have become much more dynamic. The […]

MLflow v0.8.1 Features Faster Experiment UI and Enhanced Python Model

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Try this notebook in Databricks MLflow v0.8.1 was released this week. It introduces several UI enhancements, including faster load times for thousands of runs and improved responsiveness when navigating runs with many metrics and parameters. Additionally, it expands support for evaluating Python models as Apache Spark UDFs and automatically captures model dependencies as Conda environments. […]

The Emerging Role of AI in Respiratory Care

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Digitization has provided new opportunities and new ways to explore better solutions for every health or financial problem. Today, artificial intelligence has forayed into offering therapeutic solutions which until recently was confined to traditional methods.  Developing new methods of treatments in asthma or COPD is the recent trend with the evolution of AI. This is […]

Will Blockchain Finally Make Its Mark In 2019?

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Many of the early proponents of blockchain still find themselves fending off unwarranted criticisms that the technology is worthless. While it’s indisputable that blockchain is a fascinating and innovating development that’s reshaped our marketplace over the past few years, it certainly hasn’t yet achieved the wondrous changes that many of its backers have been predicting. […]