Why You Want a Woman on Your Data Marketing Team

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In so many industries, men outnumber women. In STEM fields, it’s especially common to have a small number of women in the workforce. That’s a problem because teams without women are missing out on some truly incredible benefits. Women have different skills and perspective than men, and it’s this diversity that is so powerful, especially […]

Here’s How Big Data Websites Can Benefit From VPS

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Money is in the data. This statement is truer today than ever before – and the majority of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace big data, will soon lose their competitive position. The amount of information we can learn about our website visitors is astounding and companies and website owners are on […]

Advances In Data Lakes Are Driving The Evolution Of Big Data

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Big data has evolved, due to changes in data storage technology. New data centers, cloud servers, and other types of data storage technology are changing the field in spectacular ways. This is clear to anybody that monitors the Cloudwick system or watches for advances in data lakes. Cloudwick is one of the many solutions that […]

Apache Avro as a Built-in Data Source in Apache Spark 2.4

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Try this notebook in Databricks Apache Avro is a popular data serialization format. It is widely used in the Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop ecosystem, especially for Kafka-based data pipelines. Starting from Apache Spark 2.4 release, Spark provides built-in support for reading and writing Avro data. The new built-in spark-avro module is originally from Databricks’ […]

Big Data Is The Driving Force Behind New Colocation Services

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Big data is playing a very important role in the future of cloud services. It ensures scalability, while also making it easier for providers to deliver superior services. The emergence of colocation services is a perfect example. How is Big Data Connected with Colocation Services? Mission Critical Magazine recently penned a great article on the […]

How Is Big Data Going To Change Epidemiology And Disease Research?

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In the late 1990s, I first started learning about the field of computer science. It seemed like there was a striking contrast between computer science and the field of health services. I certainly didn’t think that the field of big data would be as intersectional with health sciences as it is today. I am starting […]

Is your AI software vendor taking security shortcuts?

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Artificial intelligence software that can learn and improve human decision-making is transforming business. All sorts of companies are looking to AI to gain an edge over competitors. Unfortunately, everyone is racing to piece together an AI framework, sometimes forging alliances with software vendors that don’t prioritize security—clearly a risky proposition. Is security a priority for […]

How Instagram Growth Tools Use Predictive Analytics Algorithms

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Predictive analytics has played a key role in numerous marketing functions, particularly Instagram growth tools. A large number of organizations have used Google Trends to forecast future revenue growth and identify the most lucrative keywords to focus on. However, there are other predictive analytics applications that have received far less attention. Nevertheless, these functions are […]

MySQL High Availability Framework Explained – Part I

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In this two-part blog series, we will explain the details and functionality of a High Availability (HA) framework for MySQL hosting using MySQL semi-synchronous replication and the Corosync plus Pacemaker stack. In Part I, we’ll walk you through the basics of High Availability, the components of an HA framework, and then introduce you to the HA framework for MySQL. MySQL High Availability […]