The three biggest security challenges facing AI and data initiatives

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In today’s business climate, the ability to anticipate and meet customer needs is central to success. Forward looking business leaders are looking to unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive innovation, but this requires bringing together diverse teams and large volumes of data. With attackers getting more sophisticated, securing these complex data workflows […]

Democratizing Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform and Jenkins

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This blog post is part of our series of internal engineering blogs on the Databricks platform, infrastructure management, integration, tooling, monitoring, and provisioning. This summer at Databricks I designed and implemented a service for coordinating and deploying cloud provider infrastructure resources that significantly improved the velocity of operations on our self-managed cloud platform. The service […]

8 must-read books on Statistics & Mathematics for Data Science – Big Data Made Simple

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There are a number of points one must keep in mind while trying to master data science.  Especially for those who are surrounding themselves with numbers and mountains of information. What’s more, the top organizations around the world are constantly in need of data science experts and specialists. So, it helps to continuously refresh your […]

How the Hospitality Industry Uses Performance-enhancing Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

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Gone are the days when having a personal computer or a smartphone connected to the Internet conferred bragging rights. Digital technology is getting more and more accessible, influencing how people work, relax, and plan their vacations. People’s expectations for a hotel experience have grown, and hoteliers had better keep pace with innovation. Let’s imagine you […]

Simplifying Change Data Capture with Databricks Delta

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A common use case that we run into at Databricks is that customers looking to perform change data capture (CDC) from one or many sources into a set of Databricks Delta tables. These sources may be on-premises or in the cloud, operational transactional stores, or data warehouses. The common glue that binds them all is […]

Blockchain And The Future Of Electronic Medical Records

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Blockchain is the Biggest Breakthrough in Healthcare in 50 Years Blockchain technology is typically associated with cryptocurrencies, but it can also be applied to new industries – one of which is the medical field. The technology is being explored as a way to create a shared network of healthcare data, and could hold a key […]

IoT Is The Most Important Development of The 21st Century

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The internet of things refers to a network of physical devices, automobiles, home appliances and all those items that are used in conjunction with actuators, electronics, sensors, software and connectivity to enhance connection, collection and data exchange. The IoT provides a platform that creates opportunities for people to connect these devices and control them with […]