Data Science Survey: The Results Are In!

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Last week we ran a Data Science survey asking four simple questions to our community. In this post, I’ll show you the results of our survey and provide you with a Jupyter notebook; just in case you want to play with the data yourself. Disclaimer 2,233 people participated in the survey. This is a statistically significant […]

Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence

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by BDW Editor on October 26, 2017 Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Quantum computers have far more computing power than even the most powerful classical computers. Therefore, they have the ability to advance artificial intelligence and make it more intelligent. Here are some ways that artificial intelligence will change as a result of quantum computing. Artificial […]

What skills do I need to become a data scientist?

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Leveraging the use of big data, as an insight-generating engine, has driven the demand for data scientists at enterprise-level, across all industry verticals. Whether it is to refine the process of product development, help improve customer retention, or mine through the data to find new business opportunities—organizations are increasingly relying on the expertize of data […]