Why Our Fast-Changing World Requires Us to Change Collaboration

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The world around us is changing faster than ever before. It is changing politically (Brexit), socially (generation Z hitting the labour market), technologically (AI, quantum computing, blockchain and IoT coming our way), economically (continuous trade wars between US and China and the upcoming economic powerhouse China) as well as environmentally (climate change). This is a […]

Open Source Security Risks and Vulnerabilities to Know in 2019

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Open source projects provide software development teams with well-built libraries and frameworks which they can freely use in their projects to improve the speed and efficiency of software development.  Despite the pros of open source projects, there are issues with security risks and code vulnerabilities when using components from such projects. The majority of commercial […]

Big Data Provides Invaluable Translation Services For Marketers

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Big data has opened a number of doors for marketers. One of the most overlooked benefits of big data is that it allows marketers to translate documents from one language to another. Memsource shows that big data is revolutionizing translation solutions, primarily due to the advent of more sophisticated cloud language platforms and machine learning […]

4 Ways Big Data Has Made Bluetooth A Terrifying Security Risk

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Big data has created both positive and negative impacts on digital technology. On the one hand, big data technology has made it easier for companies to serve their customers. On the other hand, big data has created a number of security risks that they need to be aware of, especially with brands leveraging Hadoop technology. […]

Here’s Why DevOps Is The New Agile In 2019, And Why It Matters

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In the early days of software development, projects were developed sequentially in a series of steps which was called “The Waterfall Model.” It was called the waterfall because once you got past a step, you couldn’t climb back up.  Here is a typical waterfall model for software development: Requirements Design Implementation Verification Maintenance Each step […]