Do The Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

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Video is one of the many technologies that is being shaped by new developments in artificial intelligence. Some of the changes artificial intelligence has brought are spooky, to say the least. However, the vast majority of the changes are going to have wonderful implications for video technologists and society as a whole. Overall, we are […]

Is Big Data Helping To Solve Problems With Digital Calendars?

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Big data is changing our lives in many ways. Some of the ways data impacts us are much more subtle than others. One example is with digital calendars. A number of new data algorithms are being used to make digital calendars more effective. Big data is so important for event planning and preparation. A growing number of […]

Databricks Connect: Bringing the capabilities of hosted Apache Spark™ to applications and microservices

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In this blog post we introduce Databricks Connect, a new library that allows you to leverage native Apache Spark APIs from any Notebook, IDE, or custom application. Overview Over the last several years, many custom application connectors have been written for Apache Spark. This includes tools like spark-submit, REST job servers, notebook gateways, and so […]

Deep Data Makes Digital Catalogues Viable Organizational Tools

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Shrewd business owners are using big data to grow organizations in countless ways. Some of the benefits of big data are overlooked by less tech-savvy entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits of big data is that it leads to the development of digital business catalogues. Big Data and the Evolution of Digital Business Catalogues There […]

Tips For Writing Linux Device Drivers For Big Data Environments

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Linux programming is a vital skill for data developers. If you are creating applications for big data, you should familiarize yourself with the process of creating Linux device drivers. Here is the process of developing a Linux driver for your big data applications. Basic Linux Driver Development Overview Are you interested in Linux driver development? […]

5 ways data science can help you work smarter, not harder

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Today, the internet bleeds into almost every facet of everyday life — it empowers our productivity, enhances our entertainment, and enables our communication. As it does these things, of course, it generates a vast quantity of data: rich, complex, wide-reaching data on everything from the money we spend to the websites we visit. Data science […]

4 Brilliant Ways To Use Big Data To Boost Gmail Security

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Google is taking privacy more seriously these days. Last year, the Washington Post reported that they adopted some new big data security standards. Some of these standards were put into place to improve Gmail security. However, there are still a lot of measures that Gmail users themselves need to take. Big data is making it […]

Setting up an Analytics Team for Success = Get Fuzzy!

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Building on our month focussed on controversial topics, let’s turn to what will set your team up for success. Different contexts can require different types of the analytics team. A lot of the advice that I offer within the Opinion section of this blog is based on a lifetime leading teams in large corporates. So, I’m pleased to partner […]