Optimizing SaaS Pricing Strategy Based On Data Analysis

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Trying to create the ultimate SaaS pricing strategy is tricky, to say the least. The point is to make yourself and your customers happy – you want your product to be properly aligned with value so you can earn revenues from it, while on the other side clients want something they deem “affordable.” If the […]

What To Know About The Importance Of Analytics In Content Marketing

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Among the various factors that play a role in the content marketing decision-making process, analytics ranks near the top of the list. However, not many people understand the benefits of using various analytics tools for marketing a business. Two Experts Share their Perspective on the Benefits of Analytics in Marketing Elissa Hudson has covered the […]

What B2Bs Need To Know About This Information

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Data is in the air businesses breathe and the water they drink; it is impossible to run a business successfully in 2019 without an ample amount of information about customers, competitors and more. However, too often, businesses make major mistakes when it comes to data collection. It’s possible, easy even, to collect too much data, and […]

The Most Pressing Threats To Cloud Computing And How To Thwart Them

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If your business isn’t using the cloud, it’s safe to say you are behind the times. The cloud is a critical tool for coordinating and collaborating, and it has long been much easier and safer for businesses to use the cloud to store data, complete processes and more. It’s no wonder that an estimated 83 […]

Azure Databricks – Bring Your Own VNET

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Azure Databricks Unified Analytics Platform is the result of a joint product/engineering effort between Databricks and Microsoft. It’s available as a managed first-party service on Azure Public Cloud. Along with one-click setup (manual/automated), managed clusters (including Delta), and collaborative workspaces, the platform has native integration with other Azure first-party services, such as Azure Blob Storage, […]

A Guide to Data Science, Python, and Advanced Analytics Talks at Spark + AI Summit 2019

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With a tsunami of data, scale of computing resources available, and rapid development of easy-to-learn open source Machine Learning frameworks, data science and machine learning concepts are much easier to learn and implement today than they were a decade ago. As a result, across all industries, practitioners are using cutting-edge ML algorithms to solve tough […]

6 Big Companies That Succeeded With Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing isn’t right for every company, but an increasing number of enterprises realize that it helps them grow their businesses and meet other goals. Here are six examples of large companies that found cloud computing success. 1. General Electric General Electric (GE) began its digital transformation in 2014, but three years later, it chose […]

7 Big Data Tools To Monitor Employee Performance

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Big data is shaping the workplace in fascinating ways. This is especially true with newer workplaces that focus on digital, remote teams. According to Big Data Made Easy, data technology has contributed both positive and negative changes to company workplaces. In order to help employees, improve, it’s important to monitor their performance to identify strengths […]

Leveraging Big Data To Create An Extraordinary Explainer Video

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Big data is revamping our views of digital marketing. It has already played an essential role in search engine optimization and social media marketing. Inc. talked about the role of big data in SEO a couple of years ago – a topic that we have covered extensively as well. However, it has recently started to […]