Machine Learning Data On The Cutting Edge Of Cybersecurity Efforts

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Cybersecurity professionals have a hard job. Not only are they tasked with developing solutions to constantly changing risks, but they cannot know what those attacks will consist of until after they’ve already been launched. Though cybersecurity experts can certainly offer insights into what digital dangers may come next, these predictions are limited and make proactive […]

5 Reasons to Become an Apache Spark Expert

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Apache Spark™ has fast become the most popular unified analytics engine for big data and machine learning. It was originally developed at UC Berkeley in 2009 by the team who later founded Databricks. Since its release, Apache Spark has seen rapid adoption. Today’s most cutting-edge companies such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, and Uber have deployed Spark […]

What Does Big Data Say About Religion?

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For many years, people believed that technological breakthroughs were incompatible with religious ideologies. According to recent observations from both data scientists and leaders in religious communities, big data and religion are starting to finally merge. How will this affect our knowledge of religion? Big data and religion intersect in strange ways Although many people are […]

How Big Data Makes Traditional Branding More Effective Than Ever

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Data is being produced in massive volume in 2019. It serves a variety of purposes in many industries. The digital marketing industry is among the sectors that is most dependent on big data. However, marketers often overlook the benefits of using big data in traditional branding strategies, although they can be just as beneficial. You […]

Apparate: Managing Libraries in Databricks with CI/CD

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This is a guest blog from Hanna Torrence, Data Scientist at ShopRunner. Introduction As leveraging data becomes a more vital component of organizations’ tech stacks, it becomes increasingly important for data teams to make use of software engineering best-practices. The Databricks platform provides excellent tools for exploratory Apache Spark workflows in notebooks as well as […]

How Workforce Analytics And Inventory Management Go Hand In Hand

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You know better than anybody how many variables are in play during an average day in warehouse and inventory management. There’s low-turnover merchandise to look after, high-demand merchandise to re-order and equipment breakdowns to contend with. With global e-commerce raising the bar for efficiency and competitiveness, it just makes good business sense to look at […]

How Artificial Intelligence For Contract Negotiations Impacts Companies

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Many companies negotiate countless contracts a year, ranging from facilities rentals, technology licenses, sales, employment, or strategic partnerships. One of the biggest challenges, companies face in negotiating contracts is that they span such a wide variety of topics. Even the best trained negotiators may struggle when parsing through a contract that is outside of their […]

How To Leverage The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

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In the contemporary tech landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the most dominating trend. If you are reading this article, then you might have already heard about the AI. However, have you thought about how to get benefit from AI in your ecommerce Store? In reality, AI can boost your ecommerce business’s potential by […]