Applying your Convolutional Neural Network: On-Demand Webinar and FAQ Now Available!

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Try this notebook in Databricks On October 25th, we hosted a live webinar—Applying your Convolutional Neural Network—with Denny Lee, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Databricks. This is the third webinar of a free deep learning fundamental series from Databricks. In this webinar, we dived deeper into Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), a particular type of neural […]

Understanding The Role Of Big Data In Creating An Ad Network

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Ad networks have become far more dependent on big data than ever. A 2017 Entrepreneur article titled “How Big Data is Solving Big Advertiser Problems” attempted to address these challenges. Andrew Medal, the author of the article and the founder of Agent Beta, said that big data is vital to creating personalized campaigns and improving […]

How Consumer Data Insights Shape Your Digital Product Development

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Big data is essential for marketing. My colleagues and I have discussed the role of data in marketing in many previous articles here on Smart Data Collective. However, most of our content focuses on one of the four elements of marketing: promotion. While big data is clearly important for improving the promotional campaigns, it is […]

Can Predictive Analytics Prevent DDoS Attacks Against SME Websites?

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Big data is changing the nature of cybersecurity. Many of the applications don’t receive a lot of publicity, but are still very important. Small businesses are facing many different types of cyberattacks. And in turn, it’s important to know how to prevent DDoS attacks. They have to deal with many different types of malware, including […]

Open Sourcing Databricks Integration Tools at Edmunds

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This is a guest post from Shaun Elliott, Data Engineering Tech Lead and Sam Shuster, Staff Engineer at Edmunds. What is Databricks and How is it Useful for Edmunds? Databricks is a cloud-based, fully managed, big data and analytics processing platform that leverages Apache SparkTM and the JVM. The big selling point of the Databricks Unified […]

The Top 6 Data Visualization Tools for 2019

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Business intelligence (BI) has long gone from being an industry buzzword into being an absolute necessity for organizations in almost any field. The ability to understand your company’s and industries most impactful data points in real time is paramount in keeping up with an ever-changing business landscape.  When you can quickly and effortlessly display that […]

Why Women Are Needed in Data Science

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The field of data science continues to grow quickly, and organizations of all sizes and in all industries need people who can analyze the numbers, dive into new theories, and innovate. Data scientist was the #1 job in the U.S. in 2017, but finding qualified applicants is proving to be a challenge for companies. Jobs […]

Robots in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

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The use of automation to benefit business is nothing new. I always think back to the conveyor belt model thought up by Henry T. Ford when the first mass-produced car was introduced, the Model T. Ford. The idea was straightforward enough and made production infinitely easier; a car would be put together piece by piece […]