Automated Hyperparameter Tuning, Scaling and Tracking: On-Demand Webinar and FAQs now available!

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Try this notebook in Databricks On June 20th, our team hosted a live webinar—Automated Hyperparameter Tuning, Scaling and Tracking on Databricks—with Joseph Bradley,  Software Engineer, and Yifan Cao, Senior Product Manager at Databricks. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) has received significant interest recently because of its ability to shorten time-to-value for data science teams and maximize […]

can overemphasis on data scalability compromise data quality?

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I first heard the term “big data” five years ago. The concept has really changed our lives in spectacular ways. Unfortunately, the term itself might be leading decision-makers astray. They believe that the value of big data is predicated almost entirely on its volume. The people that have sensationalized the concept of big data deserve […]

CNC Machining Finds Innovative Ways To Leverage Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is playing an invaluable role in manufacturing. According to CIO, the manufacturing industry is ultimately the main driving force behind AI advances. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated computers to control the movement of machines. This technology has been around for decades but […]

AI Is Reaching New Milestones In Senior Care In 2019

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The senior care industry is undergoing a massive transformation. The biggest trend that it is facing is the growing need for eldercare services. Big data and artificial intelligence technology is going to play an extremely important role in the near future in the future of senior care.  Artificial intelligence is expected to meet the growing […]

How Big Data Provides A Pivotal Foundation For VPN Data Security

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Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about online privacy. In December, a poll found that only 8% of Americans did not support any type of data protection policy. They believe that the government should do more to develop privacy safeguards. Unfortunately, the government is not going to take action anytime soon. If anything, we have taken a […]

How Databricks IAM Credential Passthrough Solves Common Data Authorization Problems

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In our first blog post, we introduced Databricks IAM Credential Passthrough as a secure, convenient way for customers to manage access to their data. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how passthrough compares to other Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems. If you’re not familiar with passthrough, we suggest reading the first […]

Can Machine Learning Help Us Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

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Machine learning is being used more extensively in email marketing. A couple months ago, Nathan Sykes of Curatti wrote an article on the benefits of machine learning and other big data tools for email marketing. But how many solutions can machine learning really offer? That will depend largely on the way it is integrated into […]

Does Facebook “Libra” Illustrate The Dark Side Of Big Data?

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Big data has had wonderful implications for our lives. However, there is a dark side. Big data raises very valid privacy concerns. Tech Republic wrote about this in their 2017 post Big Data Privacy is a Bigger Issue than You Think. Concerns about big data privacy are highlighted by a new project Facebook is working […]